2FA Reset Request

2FA is an additional layer of security put in place to ensure that only authenticated users gain access to the MTO launchpad.

As much as we know that storing the 2FA is the user’s responsibility, we also are aware of situations where the user can lose access to their devices and need a reset. Because of the sensitive nature of security needed to keep the platform safe, we have a very strict process that must be followed in order for us to be able to reset it when requested.

The steps are listed below and please be aware that failure to comply with one or more of these requirements could result in rejection of the request.

Send an email to: [email protected]

The email MUST be sent from the email address registered on the launchpad.

The subject line should be written in this manner:

2FA reset (followed by current month and current year).

Example: 2FA reset April 2023

The email should include the following:

a) A screenshot showing your personal page on the launchpad.

b) The amount of MTO in the account (this number MUST be accurate).

c) A photo of your passport.

d) Full name and Address.

c) A statement in the email confirming that you are the rightful owner of the account.

Please note, there might be a delay as we verify this information. Your patience will be appreciated.