Referrals (Withdrawal Details)


Referral Batches

As per our previous communication, all referral rewards claimed before November 30th, 2023, using the 0.02 ETH gas fee, have been successfully distributed. You can find transaction links below:

Any tokens not claimed or locked on the launchpad before November 30th, 2023, will be burned.

For the tokens that were previously locked for 1, 2, or 3 years, there won’t be an extension, and once unlocked, you have twelve (12) months to claim the tokens by sending the 0.02 ETH gas fee to the following ERC-20 Wallet address:

Important: The gas fee must be sent TO the following wallet address "0x81f188b5bd1eac4b73ebea8bcdda6cfb0128b9a0", AND from the same withdrawal address set on the launchpad.
Token withdrawal will occur in batches, but the exact timing is still being determined.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

1st Batch

2nd Batch:

3rd Batch:
3.2 )

4th Batch


During the ICO, we offered a referral bonus to those who invited others to join the pre-sale. Ninety percent of the tokens earned this way were vested for a year, and this period is ending soon.

We know this was a key factor that contributed to the ICO success, so we want to give you an opportunity to lock these tokens for a time and be rewarded with a free, very rare, and limited NFT. For more details about the NFT rewards, visit the link at the bottom of the page.

The tokens vesting period will expire in July and you will be able to request the withdrawal of the referral tokens from your Launchpad.

Unlike in the initial distribution of tokens, the gas fee for this transaction will be paid by the token holders. We have set a fixed gas fee for the withdrawals at 0.02 ETH. This amount was chosen to avoid complications and confusion due to the volatile nature of gas fees. Should the gas fees at the moment of the transaction be less than 0.02 ETH, the remainder will be given back to the community in a way that is yet to be decided since it will depend on the total amount that remains.

Please note the following: A new lock button will appear on the launchpad that will allow you to lock your tokens for a specific time and this will automatically qualify you for the NFT rewards.

However, if you instead choose to withdraw, these steps must be followed:

  • To activate affiliate payouts , you have to send 0.02 ETH to address 0x81f188b5bd1eac4b73ebea8bcdda6cfb0128b9a0.

  • The payment must be sent from the same withdrawal address, and the amount must be exactly 0.02 ETH or the payment will need to be sent again.

  • If you lost access to the launchpad or can’t use the same withdrawal address you set during the ICO, you can be helped by emailing [email protected]

  • If you have several accounts with the same withdrawal address, you must send several transactions, one for each account. The first match will be served first.

  • The referral tokens will be sent to the same withdrawal address on the launchpad. Please, ensure that it is of a supported wallet.

  • The first batch processing will be on 30th August 2022 for all the requests that have a correctly entered address and sent the gas fee by July 31st 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC (confirmed on the blockchain). Should the gas fee be higher than 0.02 ETH, it will be postponed on a daily basis until the gas fee is equal or lower.

  • The same rule applies to the second batch that will be processed on 30th September 2022 for all the correctly entered requests and gas fees paid by 31st August 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC (confirmed on the blockchain).

  • The third batch will be processed on 31st October 2022 for all the correctly entered requests and gas fees paid by 30th September 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC (confirmed on the blockchain).

  • The referral tokens not claimed or locked by the end of September 2022 will be sent to a vault wallet that will be locked for 12 months. After this period, any token inside this wallet that has not been claimed or locked will be burned.

For more information on the NFT Reward Program check the link below: