Integrate MTO Metamask driver into web applications

Integrating the mto-metamask-driver is very simple.

You will need at least node version 14 installed in your system.


To obtain the latest version, simply require the project using npm or yarn:

npm i mto-metamask-driver


yarn add mto-metamask-driver

How to use metamask SDK in nodejs based app (goerli testnet)

import { MTOMetamaskDriver } from "mto-metamask-driver";  // TODO check import types issue

const MTO_BLOCKCHAIN = 'goerli-testnet';
const scDriver = new MTOMetamaskDriver({
                blockchain: MTO_BLOCKCHAIN,
await scDriver.init();

// get wallet balance
const balance = await scDriver.getTokenBalance();

// participate agents
const participate = await scDriver.participate();