Integrate MTO Custom backend driver into mobile applications

Integrating the mto-custom-backend-driver is very simple.

You will need at least node version 14 installed in your system.


To obtain the latest version, simply require the project using npm or yarn:

npm i mto-custom-backend-driver


yarn add mto-custom-backend-driver

How to use the SDK in nodejs based app (goerli testnet)

const MTO_API = 'Backend server url';
const MTO_APPKEY = 'mtoapp';
const bkdDriver = new CustomerDriver({
      apiKey: MTO_APPKEY,
      baseUrl: MTO_API,
      privateKey: privateKey,
await bkdDriver.init();
// get user profile
const profile = await bkdDriver.getProfile({
        address: bkdDriver.wallet.address