The agent's task is to verify a dispute whether it is valid or not. An agent has to enrol into the system, pick a dispute, and then submit a decision.
The agents’ play a very important role in this process for their decision determines if a merchant will be paid or if the customer will get back all their funds.
If an agent makes the correct decision, they will be rewarded with a review bonus and earn a reputation score. On the other hand, for a wrong decision, the agent will not get the review bonus and will lose their reputation score.

  1. First, an agent needs to connect their wallet to register into the system.
  1. The agent has to pay a fee to participate in the dispute. Only after paying this fee, will an agent pick a dispute to resolve.
  1. After the agent payment transaction completes, the agent can then see the list of pending disputes. The dispute list does not show any sensitive data so, an agent will pick a dispute randomly.
  1. After picking the dispute, an agent will be able to see and check the dispute details. Here, an agent can see the product, buyer, seller, reason for the dispute, etc. By analyzing the detailed information, the agent will decide on whether the customer’s dispute is valid or not. If the customer is right, the agent will approve the dispute.
  1. After approving the dispute the agent will see the following screen. The agent will wait for other agents to submit their decisions. If at least three (3) agents give the same decision, then all will get the review bonus and earn a reputation score. If three(3) agents approve, and one agent disapproves, then that agent will lose a reputation score and not earn any bonus.
  1. If a dispute is approved or disapproved by at least three agents then it will be a win or loss. In both cases, agents will get their review bonus.
    After withdrawing the review bonus, an agent can participate and pick another dispute to resolve.