Withdrawal address


Deprecated document!

Your withdrawal address is the address where we send your MTO ERC20 Token to after the ICO .

You can withdraw your MTO ERC20 tokens to any Ethereum address. If you withdraw them to an exchange wallet where MTO is not listed, then you will not be able to trade them until we are listed on that specific exchange. On some exchanges you will see the tokens even if MTO is not listed yet, and on others not. But the tokens will be there.

However, we recommend you to withdraw your MTOs to a ERC20 compatible wallet instead. Then you have full control over your tokens and can send them to any exchange later when it suits you.

There are many ERC20 compatible wallets out there, but we have prepared a list of some we recommend: Compatible Mobile app and Token wallets


Make sure you double check this address before submitting it to us, because it can not be changed!

We will allow ONE change of this address, more info will be available before the ICO ends.